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5 Ways You Can Edit Your Profile Picture

By Jinee

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Profile pictures are the end-all deal for social media these days! They’re the first very thing a person notices about your online presence. A profile picture is almost symbolic of your online identity.


As they say, first impressions do matter! And since your profile picture is the first visual glimpse of you a person online may stumble upon, you want them to have a very good impression of yours.


To have an excellent first impression, it’s crucial that you have a profile picture that suits your personality. You might have often wondered in what ways you can edit your photos. Well, here are some ways:

1. Cartoon Edits


Are you someone who is always making jokes? Or are you extremely interested in animated media? If yes, this editing style might suit your display pictures the best.


2. Pixel Edits


Pixel Edits are more for those folks are have devoted their entirety to gaming. It gives a cool Metroidvania appearance to your photo, making you seem like a true gamer at heart.


3. Painting Edits


Are you an admirer of the fine arts? Then these styles of edits might just be the perfect match for you. This allows your profile picture to look artier and expresses your artistic personality.

Our website offers artsy edits in three styles: pencil color, watercolor, and oil painting.


4. ASCII Edits


If you’re a tech-savvy coder, an ASCII text edit might just be the perfect thing for you! This will help you show off your techy side online.


3. Black and White Edits


This style of edits never runs out of style. They are fashionable and trendy and are highly recommended in case you have a fashion o photography account.




We hope you found some quirky ideas to edit your photos. We hope you are doing well. Stay well! Stay creative!


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