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How To Make Pixel Art In 5 Easy Steps

By Jinee

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Video Game Pixel Art is really edgy. With the rise of game streaming platforms like twitch and game marketplaces like steam, every gamer now wants a cool pixelated avatar as their display icon.

In recent years, everyone has become more attentive to art. As a result, photo editing in various artistic genres has grown in popularity. People express themselves and their abilities to their peers pleasantly and efficiently. People try out different ways to customize their profiles.

Have you ever imagined yourself as a pixel art asset in a video game? The fantastic and free 'Photo To Pixel Art' tool on our website supports you in turning your own images into excellent Cartoon Images.

Here's how to turn your favorite photos into Video Game Pixel Art Edits:


How To Convert Photos To Video Game Pixel Art?


This free online 'Photo To Pixel Art' generator turns your favorite photos into incredible Video Game Pixel Art. It's exciting to use and really intuitive.


Here’s how to use it:


1. Open SketchMyPic

2. Click on ‘Photo to Pixel Art


3. Upload Your Photo Under ‘Upload Image’

4. Click on ‘Pencil Sketch’

5. Your Pixel Art Will Appear Under The ‘Sketch Image’ Section.

6. Click on ‘Download Sketch’ 



It's as simple as that! A quick and easy approach to improve your pictures. This is just one of the many features we offer. You can do anything on our official website, from morphing yourself into a classic oil painting to generating a cartoon avatar. We hope you’ll continue to be healthy and creative!





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