Pencil sketch your photo

Using our Image to Sketch AI tool online, you can quickly and automatically convert your photos into pencil sketches.

Pencil Sketch a Photo

Pencil Sketch a photo is a free online tool that turns your photo into a sketch image. This AI tool applies a pencil sketch effect to your photo. It looks the same as if an artist made the sketch himself.

How to use the Pencil Sketch tool?

Using this AI photo to sketch tool is really easy. Just follow these three easy steps below, and use your sketched photo anywhere.

  1. Upload your favorite image by clicking on the Upload Image button.
  2. Set the thickness and pencil shadow by using the slider according to the sketch effect you want for the image.
  3. Finally, download the photo for free by clicking on the Download Sketch button.

Safe and Secure

This image-to-sketch tool is secured by our server-side scripts. Any photo uploaded on the server is deleted automatically once the user has ended the session.

Fast and High Quality

The photo to pencil sketch tool uses a simple web script that applies the sketch effects to your photos. Your photos are converted into a sketch in seconds.

Installation free tool

This AI sketch tool can run from any browser and device. It does not require any installation. All you require is a browser and an internet connection.
Can this tool convert my photo into a basic pencil sketch?

Yes, our free online photo to sketch tool can convert any photo into a pencil sketch. You can adjust the filter effect with the slider effect tool to make it a basic or advanced sketch.

I want the sketch to be in black and white, how can I do this?

This tool helps you convert a color image into a black-and-white sketch.

Is this tool Free? How many photos can I convert into sketches?

This image-to-sketch tool is entirely free and does not have any watermark on the image. You can convert as many photos as you want into beautiful sketches.

Is this tool safe? I want my photos to be protected.

Yes, this tool is 100% safe. All the images that you upload are deleted automatically once you leave the site. We have developed this AI tool with security and safety features in mind.

I don't have a laptop, can I use this tool?

Our tool is completely online and can be used from any device. You can use a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or even a desktop to use our free sketch tool.

Can I use the sketch generated by this tool anywhere?

You can use the sketches generated by this AI image tool anywhere.

Will the sketches I generate from this tool have watermark on it?

No, we don't add any watermark on the photo sketches generated by the tool. But you can share our website with your friends and family so that they can use this tool too.