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Make An Oil Painting Edit In 5 Steps

By Jinee

How To's

Have you ever imagined how you would appear in an oil painting? Paying a true professional artist might be too expensive. However, you can obtain nearly identical results with only a few clicks.

Everyone has become more appreciative of art in recent years. As a result, photo modification into diverse art forms has increased. This is a fun and simple way for people to express their personalities and creativity to their friends. People experiment with various ways to personalize their profiles.

On our website, you can convert your favorite photos into color pencil images that appear to be realistic.

Here's how to improve your photos and convert them into stunning Oil Painting edits:

How To Convert Pictures To Oil Painting Edits?

Our 'Photo To Oil Painting Image' tool is a free online tool for converting your favorite photos into stunning color Oil Paintings. It's simple to use and enjoyable to experiment with.

Here’s how to convert pictures to oil painting edits -

1. Open SketchMyPic

2. Click on ‘Photo to Oil Painting Image

3. Upload Your Photo Under ‘Upload Image’

4. Click ‘Oil Painting’

5. A Oil Painting Version Of Your Uploaded Photo Will Be Generated Under The ‘Oil Painting Image’ Section. 

6. Click on ‘Download Sketch’



That's all there is to it! A quick and simple way to spruce up your photos. This is only one of the numerous features we provide. On our home page, you can do everything from transform yourself into a Renaissance oil painting to create a cartoon avatar. Stay healthy and creative!

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