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How to Make Picture to Text Conversions: 10 Free Tools

By Suneha


All the file formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF images, can be converted into text based on OCR technology. Image conversion to the PDF file is also possible using the online utility for text extraction from image files. The image format sometimes does carry critical information. The photo to text conversion may seem simple due to online conversion.

Text extraction from images is necessary for providing quick responses to clients and customers. The CRM depends on the responsiveness of an organization. When a brand can extract the information from the online OCR, it can convert it to establish better consumer relationships. A brand that is readily available to provide all the information to the clients can grab the attention of the consumers quickly.

In this article, we are discussing the ten free picture-to-text converter online for documents.


10 Free Picture-to-text Converter Tools Online


1. Utilize an Online Tool

The image conversion is straightforward when using online tools and apps, as it is just a simple drag-and-paste procedure to convert the image to text files. The images are sometimes critical for an organization as this information is used to advertise your product and services. The JPG to text converter makes saving even the slightest detail possible. Extract text from the image to save your industrious work and avoid any errors in the data.


2. Utilize Google Docs

Google Docs provides us with a simple solution to our problem of picture to text converter. You can extract the text from the images by Google, and it offers a complete solution for the users. The image conversion by Google Docs is simple, as you can save files in PDF format.


3. Utilize Windows

Use the Windows operating system to avail picture to text converter or OCR tools as they are simply a part of the latest version of Windows. This reflects the importance of the OCR tools and the conversion.


4. Utilize the Android

Android phones can be utilized to convert images to text, as most companies have made it a priority software due to its importance. Image-to-text conversion is necessary for the fast progression of business activities.


5. Utilize an OCR Chrome

Use OCR Chrome to convert the images into text, as it just copy and paste solutions for the user. The online OCR Chrome is another way to grab text from images and make them useful for different purposes.


6. Utilize Mac

The Mac operating system has made OCR tools a part of the operating system. An image can carry critical information like formulas or research findings. Apple's Operating System is usually better in quality and security than Windows. Mac has the most advanced OCR in their latest version.


7. Utilize OCR App

The OCR Apps can also be a simple solution to your problem. There are hundreds of apps available for image conversion. Please choose the best app according to your requirements, as it may be possible that the OCR app can be a little different from your requirements. For example, you need to convert an unfamiliar language into English, as only some of the OCR apps usually support all the languages.


8. Utilize Microsoft Word

You can convert the image files into text in Microsoft Word. Make it simple by converting the image files into PDF format and converting the image simply into text format.


9. OCR Using Microsoft OneNote

The image conversion can be done with the Microsoft OneNote. The Microsoft OneNote has an advanced OCR functionality. You can convert the pictures and handwritten notes into digital text.


10. CardScanner.Co

The card scanner is a website providing free access to convert images to PDF conversion tools and apps. You need to visit the website and can access hundreds of online OCR tools and apps. The image to text conversion is simple and fast while using the online tool of the card scanner.



The picture to text converter provides a simple solution for businesses. It is simple to produce reliability in the business sector by image conversion. Checking manually all the signature formats in the list can be complex but critical for banking transactions. On the other hand, the image to text online makes it simple to convert the signature to text or digitize the files. It can be great for the banking sector to prevent falsified business transactions. Banking sectors use OCR converters to turn the Signature list into the text format. This conversion may look simple, but you can convert the images into text files.


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