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Color Theory For Beginners

By Jinee

How To's

If you aspire to be a photographer or an artist, learning color theory is extremely important. The strategic usage of colors is extremely important for enhancing the emotions you wish to convey through your work.

Now to master the use of color, one ought to learn color theory. It can seem pretty daunting initially, but we can assure you it gets easier with time.

Here are 5 things you need to know when it comes to color theory as a beginner:


1. The Color Wheel

The color wheel is extremely helpful in understanding the concept of complimentary colors and transitions.

2. Hue and Shade

Hue and shade are important to master. You need to understand this strongly to create depth in your pieces.

3. Tint and Tone

The tint and tone of the piece help elaborate the message and the mood. You can experiment with different tonal values to see how the mood of a piece is affected by the same.

4. Color Scheme

Having a consistent color scheme throughout your piece is extremely important. This helps resolve the need for more consistency in visual presentation.

5. Meanings Associated with Colors

Learning how colors can help convey a message is extremely important. This will help you with the storytelling behind your pieces.


That's a brief on color theory, we hope you enjoyed reading this! If you'd like to read more on topics like art and photography, please keep an eye out on our website. We also provide excellent tools, from presenting you with your own Cartoon Avatar to Black/White Edits


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