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10 Pixel Art Ideas You Must Know in 2023

By darakshan

How To's Guide

Need pixel art ideas for 2023? You have indeed come to the right place. We have collected and created a list of pixel art ideas for your next art copies. 

This article covers all from how to create pixel art to amazing pixel art ideas. Read below to know more about pixel art.

How to Create Pixel Art?

Pixel art is a digital art form that emerged from the need to communicate imagery on limited storage computers (8 and 16-bit). The process of creating pixel art is called ‘Spriting’ - a term used to describe a 2-D (2-Dimensional) bitmap integrated into a larger scene. Here's what you need to know if you want to create pixel art.

Choose the Right Tool

If you are a Windows user, all you need to create pixel art is - 

  • Pencil - A basic drawing tool that places one pixel.
  • Eraser - Erases whatever you have drawn.
  • Eyedropper - Copies the pixel color and can be reused in other pixels.
  • Bucket - Fill empty areas with colors. 

Other tools that can be used are - a selection tool, line, recolor, and rotation tool. You can use a graphic tablet or trackpad if you want more precision and clarity.

The Size of the Canvas

The multiple of eight in powers of two is the most commonly used canvas size. This is because this size is compatible with old computers. Pixel art is about using every pixel and color to make perfect pixel art. It is better to start on a small canvas. This is because you are bound to get creative with such a small space when you work on a small platform. Then, gradually you can level up to a bigger size to add more details.

The Spriting Process

You can start by rough sketching using a pencil. If you have rough lines, chisel them away for a cleaner image. The pixels that break up the consistency are called ‘Jaggies.’ Hence, it must be avoided. But jaggies cannot be avoided entirely, so keep them at a minimal rate. 

Once you are done with the sketch, it is time to introduce colors. You can mix and match the color or use the same color of different hues. So, to understand which color to use, you must know the color theory

It is time to add more details like shadows, highlights, etc. This gives a 3d effect. To highlight the object, pick the light source and shade the areas farthest away from the light. 

Now, once you add a few extra details, save your image. 

10 Pixel Art Ideas That You Can Use in 2023

Below are a few pixel art ideas that you can use in 2023 -

1. A Pixel Rainbow


2. A Pixel Island


3. A Pixel Sunset


4. A Pixel Art Friends


5. A Pixel Tower


6.  A Pixeled Moon



7. A Pixel Mountain Range


8. A Pixel Flower Pot

   9. A Pixel Yoda



10. A Pixel Alien



Now that you have the list of pixel art ideas and the drawing guide mentioned above, you can easily make pixel art, and with practice, you can master the art of pixel drawing. Once you know how to create pixel art, you can transform your photos from images to pixels


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