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20 Best Aesthetic Photo Ideas for 2024

By Suneha


An aesthetic photograph might be defined differently for different people. However, the main aspect of an aesthetic photo is the perfect balance of appearance and beauty which adds to the essence of the photograph. In today’s blog, we will be showing you the 20 best aesthetic photo ideas that you can use in 2024 to elevate your social media appeal and click beautiful landscapes and portraits.


5 Perfect Aesthetic Photo Ideas for Girls

Here are 5 Perfect Aesthetic Photo ideas for girls that you can try out to create amazing pictures!

1. Mirror Selfies

Image credits: Pinterest

A perfect girl’s day out can be summed up with a beautiful mirror selfie at a cafe, vintage store, and many other locations. It’s easy to take and can capture the whole girl gang in a small frame in an aesthetic and entertaining way. Show off your girls’ outfits and accessories and make the frame a memorable one!


2. Aesthetic Poses with Cityscapes

Image credits: Pinterest

Cityscapes offer a perfect blend of style and aesthetics owing to its versatile background. You can try out many different cityscape poses like strolling confidently down a busy street or sitting on a staircase of a remarkable building. You can also try posing near a graffiti wall by leaning next to a wall with one hand lifted to create a casual vibe.


3. Food Pictures

What’s better than hanging out with your girls and taking pictures of your cafe dates? Get a bright lighting angle and a scrumptious platter to capture the rich and vibrant colors!


4. Candid Shots

Capture raw and real moments with your girls by creating a perfect aesthetic and candid shot. You can pure moments of laughter and funny conversations to create an unforgettable aesthetic picture with your girls!


5. Travel pictures

Suppose you go out for a vacation after planning meticulously with your girls, you would definitely want to click pictures with your friends to make a memorable trip. Include the beautiful architecture and monuments with your friends to create unforgettable memories and moments. You can follow particular themes like fairycore or cottage core to create a blissful atmosphere.

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5 Perfect Aesthetic Photo Ideas for Boys

Here are 5 amazing aesthetic photo ideas for boys that will surely have a Pinterest appeal and have spectators look in awe at your pictures!

1. Sophisticated Minimal Aesthetic

This idea is perfect for cityscapes with a sleek and urban look. You can opt for minimalist outfits with neutral and beige shades to create a timeless look. Opt for sophisticated poses like hands in your pockets, holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a briefcase in another, or sitting cross-legged in an outdoor cafe.


2. Vintage shoots

Image credits: Pinterest (Darryl malik)

Create an aesthetic retro vibe with super cool vintage shoots to amp up your profile. Some of the perfect locations for a vintage picture are old movie theaters, old garages with retro cars, and many restaurants. Complement the background of your vintage photo with leather jackets, white t-shirts, and retro accessories.


3. Adventurous shoots

If you’re into exploration and traveling, then try clicking aesthetic pictures that capture your adventurous spirits. Wide-angle shots are perfect for this aesthetic as you can capture landscapes. Click pictures of yourself standing on a cliff, looking out at the sea, and many more.


4. Rooftop shots

Image credits: Pinterest (James Benn, Merve)

You can capture yourself amidst the peaceful and dynamic energy of your city over the rooftop. You can also pose looking up at the sky with a wide skyline behind you to create dynamic shots and aesthetic captures.


5. Gallery shots

Image credits: Pinterest (SOL, zaid)

If you love going to museums and galleries then this aesthetic vibe is for you. Stand thoughtfully in front of a painting or any other exhibit or walk through a gallery to show your appreciation for art.


5 Perfect Aesthetic Photo Ideas for Instagram

Here are a few aesthetic photo ideas that you can use to create visually appealing Instagram Posts and Stories to capture the attention of your viewers!

1. Bright travel shots

A great way to boost your Instagram profile and attract the views of the audience is by showing your travel photos. Click them in different settings like high saturations, bright lighting, or black and white to create dynamic sensations. For instance, you can show aesthetic landscapes of a cliff, a blue ocean, hilltops, and mountain ranges. Another great travel example you can put on your Instagram story is by clicking shots from the airplane to show the beautiful skyline.


2. Beautiful Couple Shots

Image Credits: Pinterest (Chasing Daisies, syd)

Show off your partner and your beautiful relationship by following Instagram's trendy aesthetic-styled pictures. Use different filters with grainy textures, warm tones, and saturation to create lovely couple shots. Take candid pictures of you both talking over a cup of coffee in your house or clicking pictures with matching outfits and many more.


3. Warm Cottage Core Ideas

Image credits: Pixabay, Instagram: paperfury

If you love warm-toned, cottage core ideas, this aesthetic idea would be perfect for you. Add a sepia-colored filter, a warm cup of coffee, some crochet and hand-knit sweaters, and fairy lights to create a beautiful homely Instagram-worthy photoshoot. The book lovers of Instagram love using this template to create captivating shots of storybooks that they like with cottage-core surroundings.


4. Aesthetic collages

Show off your friends, family, and loved ones by capturing many photos in one collage frame to create a visually appealing feed for your viewers. Add amazing and memorable shots with your friends and family!

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5. Selfie shots

Image credits: Pinterest (summer!!πŸ¦‹, π”ͺ𝔬𝔦𝔢𝔰𝔲)

You can create stunning aesthetic pictures by creating innovative selfie shots. Add mirror selfies for your morning routine and or skincare routine or show off your background with an amazing selfie. You can also garner social media attention by clicking a cool selfie with your pets!


Some Tips and More Aesthetic Photo Ideas You Should Try Out

Here are some tips and a few more Aesthetic Photo Ideas you can try to amp up your photography game. 


1. Theme-based ideas

image credits: Pinterest

Stick to one particular theme for your photos that match your personality and feed. At first, experiment with themes you think are relevant to your style and then try to stick to one to create a perfect aesthetic picture. For example, you can try out pink-colored themes or dark academia depending on your choices and style. 


2. The rule of thirds

Sometimes, having the subject as the center of the picture can be a bit boring. According to the rule of thirds, the picture is divided into nine equally sized rectangles. Try placing the subject in between the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. You can always experiment with your style and not stick to a particular rule but this rule helps in creating a balanced aesthetic shot. 


3. Natural clicks are always the best

You can create amazing aesthetic shots of yourself and your landscapes by clicking pictures in natural lighting as this creates a raw and beautiful appeal. 


4. Use Shadows and Textures

image credits: Shutterstock

Applying shadows and textures to your pictures helps in creating an organic and realistic aesthetic appeal to your feed. Contrasts created by shadows can give more depth to your pictures while textures add more dimensions and perception to your photos. 


5. Use Photo Editing Apps

There are many photo editing apps that you could use to create aesthetic photos. Instagram has many filters that you can use to click amazing pictures. A few other applications that you can use are Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Sketch My Pic.

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We hope that this article on perfect aesthetic photo ideas was helpful to you. We would like to remind you that there is no one particular way to achieve an aesthetic photograph, it all boils down to the person's choices and styles. So, experiment and play with your photography styles and skills to create the perfect aesthetic photo!


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