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Sketching Tips to Advance Your Drawing Skills

By darakshan

Tips and Tricks

Do you struggle with simple circles, lines, or any other pattern? Does your picture look wrong, even after carefully every single step of the tutorial? These issues might arise due to a lack of skills. These skills are important for everyone - even if you have been drawing for ages. You must always keep learning and practicing basic skills to ensure you do not forget things and can perform to the best of your abilities. 

We also have a blog if you want to learn basic learning tips for beginners, in case you want to check it. 

What to Look for in a Drawing Subject?

Here are a few points to consider what to look for in a drawing subject -

  • First of all, there is no boring design. Even an apple or a spoon can be great for you. All you need to do is look closely, and you'll see the subtle transition between light and shadow. You will also notice any textures or imperfections which you can use to enhance your designs.
  • Focus on your artistic elements, such as shows, form, shape, light, pattern, etc., rather than what the subject represents.
  • You can change the look of the subject by just adjusting the light.
  • Lastly, you are never too advanced to practice the basics. So, if you think you have honed your advanced skill, try drawing an egg with texture, shadows, and many other teeny-tiny details. If you got it right, congratulations, you are an avant-garde artist. But again, you are never too advanced to learn. 

Advanced Drawing Ideas

Advanced drawing ideas are always naturally challenging and require more time and effort. Also, you cannot do it in a day - just like Rome was not built in a day. Building Rome was an art for everyone who was involved. Well, coming back to the point - drawing ideas for advanced artists.

Draw Human Figure 

Draw a Human Figure (focus on a particular body part)

human figure

Source: Google Images

Complex Landscapes


Complex Interiors 

interior art

Source: Google Images

Life Stills

Sunflower still art

Intricate Tree

Source: Google Images

Draw a Majestic Mandala

Also, you can use mandala art to create objects like the moon, human face, etc.

Draw Using Da Vinci's Technique (hatching lines, gestures, etc.)

Source: Google Images

Try Typography

Draw Your Comic

Draw an Acanthus

Draw Your Map

Drawing anything at any level in your hand. You can make it complex or simple by adjusting the texture, light, shadows, and color. No matter your level, you can adjust the drawing as per your expertise. As a beginner, you can draw shapes, forms, and gestures, while an advanced artist can draw a full render drawing.

Some General Sketching Tips On Advanced Drawings

Below are some general tips for you as an advanced artist -

  • Use gradients, which are very pleasing to the eyes, and enhance your drawing.
  • Abstract backgrounds can be a great addition to flat paper.
  • Adding imperfections can tell a story of your art.
  • Try adding details by adding small elements that make your art look amazing and are great for people who love looking into the details.
  • Use tracing paper for an art flip. This can be great if you are drawing the same character, and it helps avoid any mistakes and errors.
  • Add contrasts, but not everywhere. It will make the drawing look boring and unappealing.
  • Create silhouettes, as it can be a great place to start and make your art look more lively and appealing.
  • Create realistic images by adding strokes, lighting, values, proportions, and anatomy. 

Apart from these, keep in mind the following things -

  • Practice and do not worry about the result. This means do not focus on how the drawing will come out. Focus on what and how you are practicing.
  • If you are confused, draw anything you find around you.
  • Always keep a pencil and drawing pad or a simple notebook around you.
  • Turn drawing into one of your habits.
  • If facing an artist's block, spend some time in nature and draw a leaf or a tree.
  • A little daily practice can take you a long way - even as an advanced artist. 


Sketching does not need to be perfect. Follow your intuition and keep in mind your end goal. Work around your piece, add tiny details to enhance your art, and showcase your advanced drawing.

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