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Six Signs You Should Be Working in Animation

By darakshan


Animation is undoubtedly an appealing field to anyone who loves drawing, editing photos, and manifesting art. If you spend your time on the iPad, tablet, or sketchbook and create something special and unique - the animation industry is for you. 

However, there is a considerable difference between passion and being suited for the job. Passion can not always lead to a good job. However, if you turn your passion into your career goal, then it can be the right fit for you. This is because the art industry is all about creativity and technical skills. If you plan to enter the industry, you must know the technical aspect of the art - meaning you need to get a degree or a certification course to be an animator. 

Also, sometimes you might even wonder if the industry is really for you. This could be a setback and a waste of time for your career. So, to eliminate the dilemma, we have curated a list of 6 signs you should be working on in animation. But first, let us know what animation is, who works in animation, and what they do.

What is Animation?

Animation allows storytellers to tell unique stories with the help of film, cartoons, and series. It is the stimulation of movement caused by a series of pictures in animation. It is also the photographic succession of drawings, models, and even puppets. 

We see these images as videos because our eyes can retain an image for only 1/10 of a second. Hence, when multiple images appear, we can see them blended into a video. Earlier, these images were drawn on celluloid sheets to be photographed. However, with technological advancement, images are made with Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). The person who does the animation is known as an animator. 

What Does an Animator Do?

When we imagine what an animator does, the first things that come into our mind are - gaming, films, and cartoons. However, their role includes several other jobs such as - marketing, branding, education, software development, etc. Typically the responsibilities of an animator are as follows -

  • Presenting design to customers and clients for evaluation.
  • Working creatively to produce original and aesthetic designs.
  • Using specialized tools such as Maya, Flash, After Effects, etc., to create pleasing and unique images.
  • Liaising with other design departments and production teams.

Signs You Should be Working in Animation

If animation sounds appealing to you, you must have searched and researched about the industry and what they do. The thing is - animation chooses you. You don’t choose animation. This is because it requires creativity and passion for art. So, below are 6 signs that will tell you if animation is a good choice for you. 

You Have an Artistic Eye

Do you like doodling? Are your last pages filled with teeny-tiny drawings? Or are you drawn to artistic discipline and hobbies? If the answer to these questions is yes, you must work in the animation industry. A good designer will always know what great, aesthetically pleasing art looks like. They have eyes for details and love telling stories through art - this shows how well they can communicate through art. 

You Believe in Pursuing Feedback

If you think you can create a better design with the feedback of others - this is for you. A good animator never hesitates to put their artwork before critical eyes. This is because working in a bubble will only get you so far. But knowing the tips of do’s and don’ts you can get with feedback can help you polish your skills. 

You Have a Strong Focus on the Subject at Hand

You analyze things profoundly and have a knack for finding something missing from a picture. You even think of repurposing the images you come across on social media platforms. Hence, if something catches your interest, you dive deep into the detailing and give it your full attention. 

You are Passionate

Putting your name to sloppy work is just not your thing. When you sit down to work or create, you can feel the adrenaline rush of getting started on a new project and the excitement of completing it with quality. This is what makes or breaks your spirit as an animator. If you are passionate about what you do, it will burden the job. So, enjoy what you are doing and do it with a purpose. 

You Have A Great Humor

You have a great sense of humor if you appreciate comedy, subtle motions, and gestures that push the joke over the top. Animation is often associated with humor and is the best way to express creativity. A good sense of humor and empathy can help you create great art. 


If you find any of the characteristics mentioned above that describes you, the animation is just for you. Also, if these traits don’t fit you, do not worry that your animation career is over. There are several ways to boost your creativity and skills and be the animator you always dreamt of. 

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