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How to make cartoon pictures: A detailed Tutorial

By Suneha


How To Make Cartoon Pictures?

Cartoon pictures are used for a wide variety of reasons. It involves a combination of artistic skills and experimentation for different contexts. In this guide, we will show a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to make cartoon pictures using Sketch My Pic.

Cartoon pictures offer versatile utilization. They can be used for entertainment and comedic purposes, to learn more about animation and visual designing, and to get a hang of different graphic design applications.

It is a tool used for diverse purposes and creates an engaging atmosphere for the audience.


How to Make Cartoon Pictures Using Sketch My Pic?

Sketch My Pic offers a wide variety of tools with which you can modify your images as per your needs and desires. It is an easily accessible tool and can be used freely online.

Through this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you on how to make cartoon pictures using the Sketch My Pic App.

Step 1- Enter the URL: It will automatically direct you to the main page of the website.

How to make cartoon pictures

Step 2- Hover your cursor to the 'Sketch Your Picture Tab' in the top right corner. This will result in a drop-down menu being opened. Scroll to the third option, 'Photo to Cartoon Image' and click on it.

How to make cartoon pictures

Step 3- You will be redirected to another page. Click on the 'Upload Image' option. As per your requirements, choose an image.

How to make cartoon pictures

Step 4- After uploading the image, let Sketch My Pic work its wonder, and voila, your cartoon picture is ready!

How to make cartoon pictures

Step 5- Click on the 'Download sketch' button. You can share your sketch by clicking on the option 'Share Sketch'. If you wish to sketch another image, click on the 'Sketch other image' option.

How to make cartoon pictures

We hope the detailed step-by-step guide was useful. By using Sketch My Pic's Photo to Cartoon Image option, you can make other cartoon pictures of your portraits, pets, and landscapes!


How To Make Cartoon Pictures: The Art Of Cartooning

Cartoons are simple sketches and drawings that convey a humorous or satirical message. They are usually published in newspapers, magazines, and periodicals and can be used for other entertainment purposes.

Exaggerated features like oversized heads are used commonly by cartoonists to direct the attention of the audience to facial gestures and expressions like a wide smile or a squint.

Sometimes, symbols are used to convey what the character feels. For instance, a light bulb is used to showcase a new revelation or idea that the character has or a cloud is shown above their heads to express their sadness.

In comics and manga, scenes of a cartoon are called panels and the text is usually encased in what is called a balloon.

Cartoon humans or animals are depicted as characters and have a representational value. They are not realistic drawings and always have a few details of characters.

There is an exaggeration of some body parts especially the head, nose, eyes, etc. Facial designs are also shown through symbols as stated earlier.

Cartooning has a long history of evolution which has advanced with technology. Traditional hand-drawn cartoons are still popular but digital softwares have expanded the horizons even further. You can now access webcomics, graphic novels, and watch TV shows.


How To Make Cartoon Pictures: Aspects Of Cartooning

How to Make Cartoon Pictures

Cartooning is used for diverse reasons. Through storytelling, character designs, and satirical throws, cartoons convey deep messages.

Here are a few aspects of Cartooning.

1. Character Design- The art of cartooning involves using exaggerated features like oversized heads or squinted eyebrows. Each design holds a unique style and developing recognizable yet unique traits is an important part of cartooning.

Visual metaphors are conveyed through designs and their gestures in cartooning.

2. Drawing- Traditionally, cartooning was only done as a hand-drawn activity. Nowadays, with the expansion of advanced technology, digital cartooning has expanded and there are more aspects to experiment with and work on.

Drawing is a versatile aspect of cartooning and can vary widely.

3. Storytelling- In the case of comics and webcomics, storytelling is an integral aspect. Usually, texts and images are shown in a panel to convey what the characters are thinking or doing.

The story can be a single-panel joke or a multi-panel story.

4. Editorial Cartooning- Cartoons are used sometimes as a medium to talk about social, political, and economic issues. Through satire and humor, these cartoons convey their point of view.


How To Make Cartoon Pictures: Types of Cartoons

How to make cartoon pictures

Cartoons come in various forms to address various reasons.

1. Single-panel cartoons- These are standalone types of cartoons found in tabloid newspapers, magazines, or online. They offer a humorous punchline.

2. Comics- Comics are sequences of illustrations presenting a story or joke. They are accessible online in the form of webcomics, mangas, etc, and can be found in bookstores as well.

3. Animated Cartoons- These are illustrations used for animation. They are consumed for entertainment purposes. They are found in TV shows, short films, or movies.


How To Make Cartoon Pictures: Uses Of Cartoons

How to make cartoon pictures

Cartoons are utilized for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, they are used in illustrations in books, magazines, and newspapers. Through their satirical and humorous tone, they address matters of general importance.

Additionally, they are used in entertainment and form an integral part of our childhood. They are also made for adults in the form of animations.

Thirdly, they are also used in YouTube educational videos to make study topics easily digestible. They are used in advertisements and marketing to promote brands.

Last but not least, they are used to relieve boredom in readers of storybooks, newspapers, and magazines.


Conclusion: How To Make Cartoon Pictures

We hope the guide as well as the art of cartooning was a fun read for you. Through our Sketch My Pic tools, you can explore and experiment with your pictures to get your desired results.

The art of cartooning is a versatile tool that is used by cartoonists to convey an important message. It is a powerful tool used to shape a child and can also be used for entertainment.

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