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Brand Identity 101: 5 Tips For Every Business

By Jinee

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Social media are dominating the world of marketing at this point. With the rise of the digital age, several brands are pouring money towards their social media campaigns and influencer marketing. Nowadays, alongside generic advertisements, brands target their potential customers through social media.


There's been a steep rise in small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs with the growth of social media. People offer various services ranging from commissioned artwork to clothing brands. It's getting difficult to stick out of the crowd.


Are you a business owner or digital marketer who's looking for an opportunity to brand yourself better on the internet? Do you wish to attract potential clients organically? We can understand how difficult it can be to find a niche and build your own aesthetic. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Here's a list of the top 5 branding strategies every business must apply:


1. Your Logo Must Speak For Your Identity

Your logo is the first piece of visual that people will come across mostly. It's also the primary thing people associate your brand with.

You must have an apt logo that speaks for your brand. While choosing or designing a logo, make sure it's easy to retain and captures attention. For the sake of uniformity all across the internet, make sure all your social media handles share the same logo.


2. Choose a Color Palette

Keeping a uniform color scheme and color palette for uniform branding. You should learn a little about color theory before that to use the colors that convey your brand's story the best.


(Keep an eye out on our blog; our next blog should be on color theory itself!)


3. Use templates

Templates are a great way to save time and effort while maintaining uniformity. 

We highly recommend you use a template that's an original design. Using something generic on the internet will leave a dull impression on potential customers.


4. Test Various Types Of Content

Try following trends and adding your own twist to them. Keep a careful eye on analytics to figure out what's working for you. Trends are one of the best ways to organically reach out to potential target audiences.


5. Be Authentic

In this ever-so-competitive market, most brands get lost in the crowd due to their inauthenticity. They fail to provide value to their audience and seem generic.

To avoid this, you should always post original content and try to come up with relevant yet creative ways to represent your brand and tell your own unique story.




Your unique identity is the very thing that will set you apart from others. It's very important that you build your brand on the pillars of authenticity and originality. All the best in your venture. Stay healthy, and stay creative!


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