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An Advanced Guide to How to Doodle!

By darakshan

How To's Guide

Doodling is a common practice among all individuals. When you are talking on the phone or thinking about something, you tend to write or draw something on a piece of paper. That is called scribbling, which, if practiced and done properly, will be called doodle. In the earlier blog, we covered how to doodle for beginners, which we will upgrade to - how to doodle for experts! 

What is Doodling?

Doodles have no definite shape or size. These are simple drawings you do while bored in a meeting room or sitting in school and doing nothing. The small shapes and forms that you draw might not have any meaning. However, when you take doodles as a passion, you start drawing meaningful doodles. It can be anything  - social media world, describing a season in art, even drawing and merging food with each to spice up that creativity. Hence, you need to understand how to doodle - as an expert.

Why Do You Doodle?

yellow page with several doodle patterns

Doodle is basically an art of boredom. How amazing. Boredom has been scientifically proven to be the first step to being creative. When we are bored, it means we are idle - this way, our brains are relaxed, and the filters are off. In short, boredom triggers mind-wandering, and that leads to creativity. Your mind is relaxed, and your frontal cortex - the part of your brain involved in thinking, planning, storing memory, etc. goes into a filter mode - where you do not give out any thinking or opinions, creating an empty space in which creativity kicks in. 

Not all boredom is soul crushing moments - some lead to amazing creative paths - where you can make the most out of nothing. It might sometimes seem like procrastination, but it helps you be more creative and productive. How to doodle is one of the common questions asked among beginners, but they are a piece of cake for advanced people. However, did you know doodles have their benefits? Well, read below to know more! 

How to Doodle Like a Pro?

Advanced doodling requires lots of practice. As a beginner, you can draw easy shapes and forms. However, to be an advanced doodler, follow the steps below -

  • Bring in a photo from the magazine or a newspaper (ensure the image is clear)
  • Make a photocopy of the image on an A4 sheet (the wider the section, the easier for you to trace)
  • Trace the image on another paper.
  • Lightly make grid on the paper and start making small patterns to resemble doodle. 

7 Amazing Doodle Ideas for Advanced Doodlers

Below are some amazing doodles ideas from best artists, for you as a beginner -

Source: Google Images


Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


Source: Google Images



Source: Google Images


If you want to learn - how to doodle as a beginner - you can start by making patterns like waves, dialogue boxes, clouds, foods, etc. However, doodling as an advanced doodler will require more than that. It will require more advanced techniques, and you can also pursue a course. If you are interested in art, you must also be interested in editing photos - this can be great while doing nothing. So choose your time the best way you want to spend it - do you want to procrastinate or create something extraordinary?

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