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AI Trends - The Rise of the Artificial Intelligence in Art

By darakshan


AI has been around for ages, but in 2022 the AI trend took over the internet. AI has been proven to be an amazing yet controversial tool. With its growing popularity, every person on the Internet calls themselves GRAPHIC DESIGNERS. But the question arises - is it art or cheating? Also, who does the credit goes to - the person making it or the machine with multiple algorithms fed to produce images so unique? Moreover, is this the end of human art?  

With the advance in technologies, AI has improved so that the art developed by AI is placed as the center of focus in museums like - MoMA. So, whether we like it or not, or regardless of individual opinions, the AI trend is increasing every day. It has been seen for ages that art has changed in dramatic ways and will keep on changing. 

What is AI Trend Artwork?

Free photo beautiful natural environment, digital painting.

Artificial Intelligence, or as we call it, AI, is the field of science that builds machines that can mimic human intelligence when fed with numerous algorithms. AI art in artwork means - any artwork created through artificial intelligence, such as text-to-image models. The AI trend is the new trend on social media with unique AI generator images. 

Why is the AI Trend Considered Controversial?

Since the AI creates images using existing photos from the internet, there might be an issue with royalties and credits. There also have been debates saying that - the results generated by the AI might belong to someone else. Above the artistic discussion, there is also a political aspect to it. 

Several companies have enabled public access to their AI image-generation technologies, so humans can easily exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses even after major restrictive measures. Apart from this, AI image generators can also create and boost stereotypes that might offend many people or races. For example, when you use the ‘lawyer’ prompt to create images - they usually show images of old and middle-aged men - which promotes stereotypes. So due to this reason, DALL E2 has restricted the use of certain words and prompts. However, they are hesitating to take drastic measures as that might limit the use, reach, and potential of their AI image generator. 

How to Do the New AI Trend in 2023?

A new internet AI trend has been seen all over - people are creating their self-portraits using several AI tools which look like cartoon characters, historical figures, Greek figures, and many more. 

Lensa AI: What is it and why is it so controversial?

Source: Google Images

Currently, two image generators are in the AI trend. The first one is Lensa or - a photo editing application that takes your selfie and transforms it into magic avatars - a term given by Lensa to the images generator after that. It was launched by the Prisma Lab in 2018 but was not very popular then. However, recently with the increase in the number of people on social media using the application to enhance and create magical photos. Today Lensa is one of the most downloaded applications despite the hefty amount it charges.   

Another application making its way into the AI trend is MyHeritage - an AI Time Machine from a genealogy company.

Source: Google Images

This application lets you upload your photo and see your appearance in different historical periods. This is a free-to-use application, and more than 44 million images have been downloaded. 

What is the Future of the AI Trend in Art?

An editor at Cosmopolitan used AI to make a Cosmopolitan magazine cover using AI tools titled ‘MEET THE WORLD’S FIRST ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT MAGAZINE COVER.’ The cover was released on June 21, 2022. 

Next, a gaming company owner, Jason Allen, used MidJourney to create Theatre D’opera Spatial. He printed the art on a canvas, entered the Colorado State Fair’s digital art category, and won the blue ribbon for such an extraordinary piece. This created havoc on social media as the artists felt slightly backed by this computer-generated art. 

As the AI trend keeps increasing - from art galleries to museums- computer-generated images can be used for better purposes and will redefine the meaning of art in the future. 


Whether AI will take over humans is something for humanity to see, but it is confirmed that the AI trend of images is increasing daily on social media. This means that the graphic designers and the artists will have additional tools at their hands to create more amazing and unique artwork. Also, AI art is supposed to be learned - you will need to learn about the AI trend from the beginning and how it has evolved and works. Though there are several AI systems like DALL E2 and Midway - learning AI art is also important to be a highly skilled designer. 


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