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5 Easy Steps To Amp Up Your Social Media: Convert Images To GIFs

By Jinee

How To's

In recent times, social media has gotten pretty big. Everyone loves customizing their profiles as per their choice. This is almost a medium for them to showcase their personality. People try various ways they can customize their profiles. Everything from custom cover photos, and bios to profile pictures are in vogue right now.


Here is a way you can amp up your social media:


Convert Images To GIF

GIFs have taken the internet! From memes to birthday messages, they’re everywhere. In theory, they are nothing but tiny animated motion graphics. But they add so much more to any message than a plain bland picture.


With the rise of platforms like discord which allows users to set custom profile pictures, including GIFs, people have been trying to convert images to GIF, including their own images, just to add a tinge of personality to their profiles. Nevertheless, this trend has brought a really unique creative outlet to people.


How To Covert Images To GIFs?

The ‘JPG To GIF converter’ is a free online tool that lets you convert all your photos into GIFs. It is an enjoyable and easy way to add more versatility to your accounts. Follow the steps below to convert images to GIFs -


1. Open

2. Click on ‘Photo To GIF Converter’

3. Upload Your Photo Under The ‘Convert Images to GIF’

4. Click ‘Convert Images to GIF’

5. A GIF Will Be Generated Under The ‘Photo To GIF’ Section. 


6. Click on ‘Download GIF’


The social media game is easy now! This is just one of the many features offered by us. You can access everything from turning yourself into a renaissance oil painting to making a cartoon avatar on our home page. Stay well, and stay creative!


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